Hempsana Inc.
The Trusted Name for Cannabis Derivatives


Hempsana is a licensed cannabis extraction and purification company producing the highest quality cannabinoid oils and cannabis-infused products for those who demand only the best.

Our Vision

/Hemp/ [hemp] noun : a tall, coarse plant, Cannabis sativa, that is native to Asia but naturalized or cultivated in many parts of the world and is the source of a valuable fiber as well as drugs such as marijuana and hashish

/Sana/ [sah-nah]/: verb: to cure or heal; adjective: healthy

Named with purpose and driven by the same, we strive to be masters of our craft and the most trusted name for cannabis derivatives.  Our promise is to deliver premium products and service offerings that are best-in-class.

Our Commitment to Diversity

At Hempsana, our high standards are a direct reflection of our people. Our passion extends beyond the quality of our product and into the community and the people that make Hempsana an Industry Gold Standard. To make the best, we are committed to hiring the best, and as an Equal Opportunity Employer, we promote a diverse workplace of high caliber employees.

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