Our Story

Founded in 2018, Hempsana was borne out of the founders’ primary mission to provide comfort from ailments, and to be a part of the healing process, by providing a natural and consistent high-quality product that is safe for consumers. This was put into practice by engineering an EU-GMP and GPP compliant facility that incorporates strict quality controls, exacting standards and extensive in-process testing. Through our wholesale and white-labelling platforms, we process, formulate and manufacture products to the global cannabis market which must meet our ‘Gold Standard’ for quality.

How It Began

With a father’s love, a girl ailed by Multiple Sclerosis, and a Doctor that had the desire and innovation to help. The father, at wits end with the results from conventional medicine, was seeking alternative options to provide the relief he deeply wanted for his daughter. This was the start of their journey into a CBD based treatment. The results, while subtle, were nothing less than remarkable. But, of all the positive physical effects from the CBD regiment, it was the profound look of new-found comfort in his daughter’s eyes that provided the father with all he needed to know about the efficacy of a cannabinoid based treatment – ‘it was incredible’. So began the founding principles of Hempsana – to treat ailments, to provide comfort and ultimately to help ‘heal’.

Who We Are

The company operates with one united vision - to offer carefully crafted cannabinoid extracts for modern consumers who want a safe natural alternative that fits seamlessly into today's healthy lifestyles.  To embody this mindset in a practical sense, we have built Hempsana as the go-to supplier of safe, high quality cannabis concentrate raw materials, finished products, processing, packaging and labelling for ready-to-sell cannabis products, focussing on CBD, CBG and CBN as primary extracts.

Our Process

Based on the simple principle of manufacturing the best cannabinoid derivative products available, an advanced process for extraction and manufacturing was designed. To accomplish the company’s goal of providing derivatives that offer the most effective solution to consumers, the primary extraction is achieved through ethanol extraction, providing for a full spectrum extract. By using safe innovative processing, exacting standards, strict quality controls and extensive in-process testing to ensure products are formulated consistently and, most importantly, safe for consumers. Further post-processing can be done to produce extracts that meet the specific needs of our customers, based on the same high-quality assurance processes, to provide a primary ingredient for those companies that are looking to formulate their own compounds.

Our Team

Randy Ko
Founder, CEO
Sohil Mana
Founder, COO
Moy Lum
Quality Assurance
Adam Potts
Head of Sales

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