Full Spectrum High Concentrate

Our purification process removes undesirable particulates for a high-quality full spectrum cannabinoid distillate oil which yields between 80% to 95% cannabinoid concentration, along with natural terpenes (aromatics). Further post-processing allows for the full spectrum distillate to remove cannabinoids such as THC, while retaining the non-psychoactive cannabinoids, which can be made available as separated cannabinoids including CBD, CBG and CBN. Distillate oils are available for wholesale distribution or can be compounded on-site as a fully finished product.

Our high quality distillate with natural terpenes can be produced to specifications.

By sourcing only the best biomass inputs, we ensure the highest quality distillate.

Our focus on strict quality controls and extensive in-process testing ensure that only the best oils pass our quality assurance checks.

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